Real business - in a virtual environment


Real companies. Real people. Real deals. It all happens in a virtual environment.


From 1999 until 2001, has been the first organization worldwide

that was holding and hosting trade fair events in 3D on the internet, allowing

exhibitors and visitors to meet each other visually, communicate and even

close deals.


That was long before the internet had become a widely accepted environment

for making business.


The concept has currently been revised by the founders of,

considering today's technical possibilities and focussing on a worldwide scope.


Along with the concept comes a set of twenty-four internet domains covering

the international trade fair term.


Both the concept and the internet domains shall be offered to selected and

well-known companies, including international trade fair organizations,

international media corporations and other lines of business.


However, if an agreement can be made, then we assume exclusivity, meaning

that we can transfer our assets and our knowledge only once, to one

business partner.


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